Home inspection on new construction. Do I really need it?

Home Inspection – New Construction January 2024

I recently inspected a new home here in Las Vegas, and these are just a few of the deficiencies that I found.  There were many additional cosmetic issues as well as areas that the builder had marked for repair.  These issues are fairly typical on a new build and should be very easy to correct, particularly when all of the sub-contractors are on site and available.  The buyers appear to be in good hands with the superintendent, but I would still always advise hiring a third-party inspector even on new construction.

Cracked window frame on a new window.

Efflorescence at the block fence. No landscape irrigation installed. This will continue to get worse over time.
Mortar separations in a few areas at the block fence.
Several areas where the brick pavers were installed improperly.
Condensing coil damage at new A/C units.
Condensing coil damage at new A/C units.
Sliding glass door lock not working.
Damaged vinyl at windows.
Front door needs adjustments so that the deadbolt will align and actually lock.
Door skin separation. This will worsen over time and rub against the door frame.
Kitchen cabinet mechanical damage.
Brand new refrigerator. Water line was connected but the icemaker and water dispenser did not function.
Pretty sure the control panel should be on the control board and not lying on the service platform beneath it.
Several areas of grout separation in all of the bathrooms.
Several areas of grout separation in all of the bathrooms.